Restaurant in
Siena Old Town

Chef Chiarelli Fonte Giusta

A refuge for the romantics of the table, in the historic center of Siena, built on the love for gestures, times and surprises that only the cuisine offers.

The choice of the best ingredients, traditional and artisanal preparations, such as bread and fresh self made pasta, reflects our idea of cooking: sincere and attentive, it is an opportunity to tastefully rediscover the values of sharing and friendship of the good table.

Giuseppe Chiarelli, Chef Trattoria Fonte Giusta


Cult from Siena and seasonal specials

Tradition and love for local ingredients. Details, attention and small inventions. For this reason some of our dishes have become real “cult” that fully represent the spirit of Trattoria Fonte Giusta. Intense flavors, colorful and joyful combinations to transform our passion into your pleasure.

With the changing of the seasons, the menu is enriched with small treats and big surprises. The freshness of seasonal fruit and vegetables, the scent of forest products will accompany your meals towards new discoveries.

Meat House

Steak House

6 large dedicated showcases, the best Chianina IGP steaks aged up to 40 days with the Dry Aged method.


Food experience

Tastings within the Fonte Giusta Academy of Cuisine, curated by chefs  Giuseppe, Saverio and Leonardo.

Cooking Classes

Cook & Eat

Pasta lovers, Pasta & Beef, Food & Wine, three journeys into taste.

Three cooking classes with final tasting of what was cooked, by the chefs Giuseppe, Saverio and Leonardo of Fonte Giusta Academy.

Learn the techniques of preparing pasta, sauces, meat, fish, pastry and bread making, according to the tradition of Italian cuisine.